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【The Stark Financial Network】The State Council: Accelerate the Promotion of New Energy Vehicles and Focus on the Development of the Electric Vehicles

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        According to the report, the general office of the state council recently issued the " Instructions on the Popularization and Application of the New Energy Cars" (hereinafter referred to as "Instructions"), to deploy to further speed up the popularization and application of new energy cars, reduce the pressure on energy and the environment,and promote transformation and upgrading of the auto industry.

        The "Instructions" declared that, the pure electric drive is the main strategic orientation for the development of new energy vehicles;  the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell vehicles shall be focused on; the market leading and government support shall be combined; the policy system of a long-term and stable development of new energy vehicles should be established;a good development environment shall be created, to speed up cultivating the market, and promote the healthy development of new energy automotive industry.

        The "Instructions" put up 25 specific policy measures in six aspects about speeding up the application and popularization of new energy vehicles. First, to speed up the charging infrastructure construction, make and implement the development plan of charging infrastructure, bring the charging infrastructure construction into the overall urban planning, improve the policy of the charging infrastructure land use and electricity price, promote the key technology research for charging infrastructure, encourage to speed up the internal charging infrastructure construction in parking lot in public, and increase support for charging infrastructure construction by local governments.Second, to actively guide enterprise innovation business model. Third, to promote the application in the public service field. Fourth, to further improve the policy system, promptly determine the financial support policy for the popularization and application of the new energy vehicles in 2016-2020.