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【China Battery Net】“Cascade Utilization” can Regenerate Power Battery and Alleviate the Pressure of the Battery Recycling

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        When it comes to energy saving and new energy vehicles, the topic is always around the battery.No matter the pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle or plug-in electric vehicle, they all cannot work without the battery.The battery is an essential source of power.Along with the industrialization of the new energy vehicles, its sales will be growing by leaps and bounds, and the power battery of new energy cars will also grow with geometric progression.But at the same time, some problems are emerging, for instance, the shortage of the main material like nickel, cobalt and rare earth used for power battery, and the environmental pollution of the scrap power battery which is the the problem that the industries need to solve currently and in the future.

        "In order to maximize the usage of material performance, minimize the pollution damage to the environment, we need to properly handle the batteries to be eliminated. If we do not consider recycle every time before the recovery, it means that we need to consume more energy to extract the original metal elements. In the process,the new wastes are produced." Chen Baishuang, the relevant person in Tianjin Gu Nade Technology,says." the battery scraped in new energy car, as a kind of pollutant, should be first considered cascade utilization, and then recycling and final disposal."

        The government focused on the cascade utilization to alleviate the pressure of the recovery

        According to the related planning about the development of new energy vehicles, by 2015, the cumulative production and sales of the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars will reach more than 500000. By 2020, the production capacity of the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will reach 2 million, the cumulative production and sales will have more than 5 million.Because the power battery is the most important parts in new energy vehicles. As the end of the power battery service life, the power batteries scraped from the electric vehicles will abound. How to deal with these batteries become the big problem.

        "Besides paying attention to the development of the power battery route, technical difficulties, construction of infrastructure, promotion of industrialization, we also should attach great importance to the waste power battery." Yang Yusheng, academician in Chinese academy of engineering, said, "the manufacturing process of these useless power battery is advanced. Even scrapped, the security and performance of them remains high, so it is necessary to adopt the cascade utilization to realize the maximization of the resource utilization of waste power battery."

        Yang believes that when the power batteries in the new energy vehicles entered the stage of recycling, the battery can be reused. The first step, after testing and processing, in situation that the power batteries looks good outside, no damage, and the functional components are effective, they can be used in areas such as communications, energy storage, also in short-distance electric field car, tourist car, golf cart in park, as the power supply for these low-speed electric vehicles.The batteries, after secondary usage in the energy storage device or low-speed electric vehicles can be recycled, disassembled, and regenerated.

        Through cascade utilization, the scraped batteries may have other usages. As a result, it not only solved the pollution problem, also formed a good recycle mode.When the experts praised cascade utilization of the power battery, at the same time, the government began to aware the reprocessing form of the power battery waste. Recently, the related departments are brewing measures to support cascade utilization of the power batteries in the new energy vehicles, which marks the country begin to pay close attention to “after market”of new energy vehicles. "With the development of China's new energy vehicles, the related supporting policies aiming at its core components is also expected to come." Yang said.

        Companies focus on the gradual formation of the demonstration projects 

         “The cascade utilization of power battery can not only be achieved , but also become a very promising perspective of the new energy vehicles in the ‘after market.”Yang said.Now many domestic enterprises are devoted to research on the surplus energy of the power batteries,and have invested on the cascade utilization. It is understood that some provinces has started to promote the cascade utilization of new energy vehicles. Among them, the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company has finished “Technology Scheme for the Power Battery in Electric Bicycle”in 2013, which restructure the scraped core of the batteries from the electric cars, and then transform them into a power source for 48V electric bicycle, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction.

        In addition to Hangzhou, Beijing also has carried on the exploration to the cascade utilization of power battery. In march of this year, the cascade utilization of power battery launched by Beijing Electrical Power Research Institute landed on Daxing electric vehicle charging stations.As the relevant person stated, when the power battery discharge capacity of the electric vehicle is less than 80% of the rated capacity, the demand of practical operation of electric vehicles will not be able to meet. Recycling these batteries will cause great waste of resources;On the other hand, with the industrialization development of electric vehicles, quick charge will become the basic needs of users, and high power dc charging will cause certain influence to the power grid.

        Based on the two problems, Beijing Electrical Power Research Institute undertake and develop the project “ Technology Research and Demonstration for the Cascade Utilization of Power Battery in the Electric Vehicles. “We will combine the cascade utilization of scraped power battery with dc quick charging station, realize the value of the scraped battery, reduce cost of power battery, and access to energy storage system through the kilowatt, dynamically adjust the dc load of the charging stations, stabilize the voltage node, reduce the peak valley load difference in the charging station, improve the comprehensive operation efficiency of charging stations.” The head of the project said, “ By means of this project, it will explore the way for the industrialization development of the scraped batteries in the electric cars, and under the condition of no expansion, by changing the access scheme of charging equipment to meet the current load control demand of dc fast charging. It has far-reaching significance in the large-scale development of the new energy vehicles.”