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Secretary Bayanqolu Visited the Jinlin Plant of Sinopoly

编辑:管理员 发布时间:2015-01-28 游览次数:15850

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On 15 January 2015, Bayinchaolu, Secretary of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, escorted by Wang Li, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Gu Chunli, Vice Provincial Governor, Jiang Youwei, Director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Wu Lan, Municipal Party Secretary of Liaoyuan City, JinYuhui, Mayor of Liaoyuan City, and MengXiangjie, Executive Deputy Mayor, came to the Jilin Plant of Sinopoly Battery Limited (the “Company” or the “Sinopoly”), a subsidiary of the Group, for investigation and guidance.


Secretary Bayanqolu and other officials listened to the report on Company’s overall production and operation in2014 and work plan for 2015 from Mr. Yangbo, the General Manager of the Company. Secretary Bayinchaolu fully recognized the rapid growth of the Company in past few years, and highly praised the Sinopoly’s stead fast direction of new energy development. Secretary Bayinchaolu wished the Company to deepen its cooperation with domestic and international well-known enterprise, and encouraged the Company to promote its technological level and increase added value of products, so as to enable the Company to reach a higher level and facilitate the development of new energy vehicles.In addition,Secretary Bayinchaolu expected the Company to accelerate its upgrading and renovation, with an eye on the Company’s long-term objective and the market’s cutting-edge technology. In particular, it needs to further fine tune and optimize manufacturing techniques and procedures, proactively develop new high-tech products with brilliant prospect, constantlyincreaseits production capacity and thus build up new edgesfor local economic construction and development.

During the field visit, Secretary Bayinchaolu stressed more than once that the Company shall always attach high importance to safety in production, strengthen its “bottom-line”consciousness and “red-line” awareness and stay alert to any potential problems to implement safe operation with detail measures.